Yesner & Boss Will Continue to Negotiate Short Sales

Yesner & Boss Will Continue to Negotiate Short Sales

After several law firms indicated to Realtors that they would no longer negotiate short sales – a trend among real estate attorneys – Yesner & Boss, PL announced that it would continue to negotiate these complicated transactions.

“Now more than ever, sellers need sound advice to help prevent future tax liens and judgments against them,” said Attorney and Certified Public Accountant Jo Ann Koontz of the Yesner & Boss Sarasota office.

“Realtors should not be negotiating on their own, for liability reasons. I feel it is my obligation and responsibility to continue to participate in short sale negotiations despite the fact that they are time-consuming and not particularly profitable.”

The law firm’s announcement is part of an ongoing commitment to the Realtor community and to the recovery of the real estate market, Koontz added. “We will not abandon them when they need it most.”

The negotiation of short sales by anyone other than an attorney may be an unlicensed practice of law and could be sanctionable.

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