The Great Outdoors

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.11.47 AMTo truly enjoy the essence of outdoor living, one requires a location with intrinsic natural beauty.

Southwest Florida boasts a combination of unbelievably gorgeous rural aesthetics complimented and enhanced by a textured, artistic architectural landscape. The sub-tropical climate allows for year-round open air living making courtyards and patios the centerpiece for entertaining and dining. A spectacular outside gathering area is as important as a home’s interior these days and architects factor this into their designs when developing a backyard space. Though there are no rules when decorating your outdoor quarters, creating a durable area that is both laid-back and luxurious is the key. Selecting the right combination of furniture for durability and taste, lighting for mood, and accents for flair can transform your backyard into a fully-equipped lifestyle terrace.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.08.45 AMGone are the days of simple lounge and fold up chairs. Modular luxury patio furniture is the current trend designed for intimacy and face- to-face interaction. Oversized, deep, transitional couches and chairs are stylish and comfortable accommodating larger, outdoor dinner parties. Resort-style cabanas have become increasingly popular for poolside enjoyment with generously proportioned seating. Complex color patterns, such as lime green and blue, detour monotony and interchangeable cushions offer versatility. Most contemporary pieces are heavily framed and match well with stronger brick or cobblestone hardscapes.

Outdoor kitchens have been developed with every amenity including efficient gas grills and wood-fired pizza ovens. You can prepare a full meal outside and store all of your utensils, dishes and accessories in built-in drawers and cabinets. The range of options for long lasting, decorative dinnerware is extensive and up to date. TIKI bars, surround sound entertainment and televisions are added luxuries that create a fun-filled, entertaining atmosphere.

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Lighting is another important consideration when designing your veranda. Contemporary lamps offer the perfect nighttime glow with new developments that allow multi-colored, modern fixtures to sit right inside your pool. Built-in custom ambiance lighting can be placed overhead and is a wonderful addition to outer wood paneling. Moon glow lighting can be placed underneath modern furniture for emphasis while string lights added to your gazebo garden offer a practical yet festive appeal. Fireplaces and high-end fire features also provide selective lighting and stone fire pits are a great poolside feature.

5871 Gulf Of Mexico Dr - 015 - A3996985_15Zero edge pool designs are also a sleek addition to the backyard. This eclectic design can be complimented with colored or mosaic tiles and materials to create an even more dramatic view; ideal for impressing your guests. A combination of classic and modern design can be integrated to show an outer area that is effective for family, friendly fun.

Surrounded by breathtaking bays and near flawless scenery and weather, the Southwest coast forms a glorious connection between indoor and outdoor living—an idyllic place to live, play and entertain.

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Written by
Linda Day

Represented by
Kim Ogilvie, Realtor®,
Michael Saunders & Company