When your current home no longer meets your needs, the solution might be to renovate the existing space. Before you break out the hammer and check book, puruse our selection of breathtaking homes featuring some of the most coveted trends today. Instead of cookie-cutter renovations, choose sophisticated surface treatments with chic palette selections and perfect existing spaces with technological amenities.



Top Trends

Today’s renovation trends involve color, function and the use of eco-friendly systems that improve the health and longevity of the home. Color palettes are embracing deeper color, with charcoal as the star, embellished with white, and satin nickel as neutrals. Shades of grey in warm or cool hues handily accommodate a broad range of textures. These are especially popular ways to create dramatic visual elements in any room. Metal accents, especially copper and oiled finishes, are finding their way into stylish sinks. The kitchen and bathrooms are expanding, moving from closet-sized utility to expansive, light-filled spaces that give these rooms the status they deserve.
Function is the new renovation buzzword. Smart homes have improved universal designs to accommodate changing phases in lifestyle, and making these rooms truly serve a bigger purpose. “Keeping rooms” take clutter and brilliantly organize it away from the kitchen, family rooms, and utility rooms, the places that often collect an assortment of odds and ends. Children’s toys, games, hobby materials, and possessions all find their proper place in these specially designed rooms and drawers.
While “going green” is not a new term in home renovation, using advanced eco-friendly products with surfaces and materials that do not contain formaldehydes or emit toxins has increased. Demand for water and air filtration systems that clean these important necessities, along with technologically advanced appliances, are also a strong factor in upgrades. A treatment system can be installed to deliver water for drinking, showers, laundry, and saltwater pool systems that is kind to skin, clothing, and a home’s infrastructure.

Kitchen and Baths
When considering a renovation project, most homeowners choose the two busiest rooms to begin: the kitchen and bathroom. Function and space take priority in these redesigns, allowing homeowners to experience these traditional spaces in new ways.
An exceptionally designed floor feature is a great way to introduce a new concept without taking up additional space in the bathroom. Incorporate a tile design borrowed from historic mosaics and artistic patterns to add solor to the room. Separate water closets housing “touchless toilets” that flush with a wave of the hand, double vanities, and spa-inspired designs that embrace serenity and turn an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like experience. Oversized, freestanding soaking tubs, large walk-in showers, saunas, and plunge pools, both hot and cold give owners a reason to linger a little longer in blissful relaxation.
Kitchens, the centerpiece of any home, are expanding in size. Functional islands, double ovens, and double-door pantries offer ample space and storage, whether cooking for two or 10 people. Chef’s kitchens outfitted with beautiful multi-gas cooking surfaces and dramatic ventilation hoods are the signature statements around many kitchens designs.
New work surfaces and sinks accommodate farm-to-table style menus and entertaining demands of busy social schedules ensuring space is ample for culinary inspiration and execution. Glass tile, smooth metal, and high tech surfaces are appearing in decorative backsplashes, invigorating color and texture with high functionality. Exceptional amenities like deep sinks to accommodate large cooking pots are popular, as well as double dishwashers and climate-controlled wine storage that combine form with function.

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Outdoor Entertaining
One of the privileges of living along Florida’s Gulf Coast is enjoying our nearly perfect year-round weather to entertain outdoors. Now homeowners can expand their entertaining space from the indoors to the outdoor porches, seamlessly creating a fully furnished living area with covered entranceways and adorned with fire features and fragrant pergolas, making it an ideal spot for everyone to enjoy. The living space can be designed with a range of styles, from casual to Avant-garde, with sliding or French doors that transition the space from daytime to nighttime entertaining options.
An outdoor kitchen makes al fresco dining a luxurious event. Add multi-fuel grills, pizza ovens, lockable refrigeration and storage, counter and prep areas create cooking options for any menu. Divine dining areas that celebrate water views, pool areas, and herb and edible gardens, are wonderful ways to linger over a meal with friends and family.

Let There Be Light
Lighting fixtures have taken on a new status in the home. By using LED bulbs, homeowners can create any mood they want – from artistic to create to whimsical – from the touch of a button. Rope lighting hidden by crown molding or tray ceiling designs provides mood lighting and color options, especially when controlled by computerized systems. Glass artists and contemporary industrial lights designs are also proving popular in renovated spaces. Tapping into eco-friendly options, more homeowners are opting for Florida’s natural electricity – solar power – during renovation upgrades. Solar power offers all the benefits of harnessing the power of the sun and offer significantly lower utility costs for both heating and cooling.

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Getting Underfoot
Wood flooring remains the preferred choice, with marble, stone, and tile also high on the design list. Advances in engineered hardwood flooring, often more durable and easier to install, give homeowners more versatility in the design layout. Choose wide plank, hand-peeled formats, featuring unique woods and finishes that depart from the traditional oak, pine, or fir to open up a world of selections to complement any room décor. Add hand woven area rugs to create an additional layer of design flair to the space. Choose your favorite style of cultural Persian, Indian, or Chinese designs to soften and warm cool stone or tile floors.

Guest Quarters
Another important consideration when planning a remodel is additional privacy for guests. Nanny quarters, elder parent care, and caretaker housing can be added to an existing wing or floor of the home, or perhaps the expansion of an existing in-law suite or apartment is better suited. Pool houses, spaces above garages, or boathouses can provide the base, expanding either on the same level or above the existing space. A private staircase or elevator ensures seclusion for homeowners and guests.


Technology is a big driver in home renovations with owners requesting new options to lighting, window coverings, and other utilitarian systems like security, accessible by a touch of a button and remotely programmable by a smart phone or tablet. Some homes are even devoting space to a private server room, ensuring online security as well as physical protection.
Giving some thought to your family’s individual needs and lifestyles will ensure that your home will have the versatility in modern renovations it needs to graciously adapt to whatever change life delivers.