Getting Sound Appraisals in the Era of HVCC

SARASOTA, FL – Realtors, homebuyers and homesellers who are losing real estate deals because of low-ball appraisals from out-of-town appraisal management companies will benefit from a series of appraisal seminars scheduled in September. Sponsored by HomeBanc, “Appraisals 2010” will educate participants on how to secure sound appraisals in the era of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC). The seminar will also benefit homeowners who wish to refinance.

Effective May 1, 2009, HVCC compliance is required for any loan backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. “HVCC standards were intended to assure appraiser independence and prevent pressure on appraisers to produce a desired property value,” explains CJ Coury, Vice President and Mortgage Branch Manager for HomeBanc. “However, the cure has been worse than the disease. Many appraisal management companies just don’t know the local market.” People mistakenly believe that HVCC requires you to use an appraisal management company, but that is a recommendation, not a requirement, says Coury. “This seminar will show you how you can still secure accurate appraisals while maintaining HVCC compliance.”

The panel of presenters includes Craig DiCecco, SRA, of Futurehome Appraisal Services Inc., Kevin Goodale of Atlas Appraisals LLC, Howard Greber, SRA, CRB, of Greber Appraisal Services Inc. and Mary Patterson, SRA, of Patterson Appraisal Group Inc.

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